What we do and How we do.

A contact and support for developing links between Switzerland and Asia. Commercial  cultural and social development between the participants. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book.

What we can do?

We do,

Advice, buying and selling in international trading. Acting in the research of suppliers and products, as well as in the research and advice for companies and private clients. With commercial contacts and partners all over the world, SwissAsia can offer to services and products of unbeatable quality and price.
What are the objectives?

Our Objectives are

To give our partners, proposals and offers in the sectors of:

1. Strategies for the best suppliers;,

2. Quality control in the producing source;

3. Reduction of the risks;

4. Elimination of speculation;

How are the conditions?

We do under these conditions:

Contact with potential buyers anywhere in the world.

Promotion of products and services to the Commercial Appeal.

Communication between stakeholders, facilitating trading and speeding up the process.

Advice and assistance in all stages of the process.

Export cost calculations.

Aid to export.

Assist in the design products.

Act as sales representative of a company abroad.

Support in trade shows abroad to promote products.

Who can join and participates?

New Partners or Members

We are open for propositions of business people or suppliers, looking for new products or new partneships.

We can also promote events and find specials products as well as commodities.

Where can we act?

Mostly Europe, Asia and South America


The support and action?

We will be active, reliable and present

We support and take in charge the process of establishing the contact, creating thertrustable relation.

if you want any details or special request please contact us. You will be answered without delay.